Hulk – 2003

I supervised two sequences in this film.  The first was the Banner Lab sequence where Bruce first turns into the Hulk.  I TD’d several shots as well as animating two of them (the elbow dragging in the wall and the transforming foot that slams into the frame.)  Towards the end of the production, we decided that the shot of Hulk smashing the door in wasn’t dynamic enough.  Instead of reanimating the shot, I suggested we roto the practical door and have it fly through the camera, add some camera shake and some painted damage around the door.  It worked out really well and Ang was very happy with the final shot.    I also supervised the Desert Tank attack sequence.  It started when he escapes the military base and ended when Hulk leaps away after bending the tank barrel.  Overall I was very happy with the work we did on this show.

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