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Iron Man Helmet Part 2

Here’s the second day of work on the Iron Man helmet.  I spent about an hour grinding off some of the excess casting material and got completely fed up with this crappy rotary  tool I’ve got.  So I went out and got myself a decent Dremel tool – MAN what a difference!  I ground through a huge section in no time.  It pays to use decent tools. 

The back section is holding together nicely (it should with the amount of fiberglass I stuck on there) but I can see already that I’m going to have a hard time marrying it to the front part.








Not sure if its the sculpt or a result of the damage, but I need to put a spacer inside to bend it outwards to line up on both sides.

We’ll see when I can get around to working on this again.  With New York Comic Con and another trailer deadline coming up fast, I foresee some six day weeks in my near future.





Iron Man Helmet Part 1

My friend Shawn Thorsson recently gave me a casting from an Iron Man helmet mold he’d gotten.

The back section was split, but hey – it was free!  ( as in beer)


The section that had split was REALLY thin and delicate.  So the first thing I had to do was carefully tack the section together with a little superglue and baking soda (to help fill in the gaps) and then lay up some fiberglass to help keep it together and strengthen the area.

Ok, no laughing.  Its the first time I’ve ever used fiberglass…..  While that cured, I turned my attention to the main piece and decided to start cleaning up the flash and the edges.

I know I’m going to add lights to the eyes, so I’ll have to cut them out as well and sand down some mold seams.


Well, that’s probably enough for today.  Tune in next time when I do… Something else  🙂