Iron Man Helmet Part 2

Here’s the second day of work on the Iron Man helmet.  I spent about an hour grinding off some of the excess casting material and got completely fed up with this crappy rotary  tool I’ve got.  So I went out and got myself a decent Dremel tool – MAN what a difference!  I ground through a huge section in no time.  It pays to use decent tools. 

The back section is holding together nicely (it should with the amount of fiberglass I stuck on there) but I can see already that I’m going to have a hard time marrying it to the front part.








Not sure if its the sculpt or a result of the damage, but I need to put a spacer inside to bend it outwards to line up on both sides.

We’ll see when I can get around to working on this again.  With New York Comic Con and another trailer deadline coming up fast, I foresee some six day weeks in my near future.





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