Negatives – 1986

This movie stared Duane Jones of “Night of the Living Dead” fame.  I can’t find any information on this movie.  It might not have ever been released…..

Edit: 8/11/2012

Thanks to a comment from Zidders Roofurry, I’ve found out this film was shut down during the middle of production because of money problems.

Some of the footage was incorporated into another film called Fright House…also not available at this time. 😦

Edit 10/21/2021

Well look what showed up on Youtube.

Found a copy of the whole Fright House film.  I didn’t see any of the work we’d done (at least not any that I remember doing so many years later).  Not very good as you might expect, but at least I’ve got “closure” on this one.

  1. I played an extra in a movie called this (Negatives) & same yr.(1986 I was a H.S, Sr.) Location director was Declan Baldwin. He later did: The Dark Half w/ Timothy Hutton, Beaches set in Atlantic City w/ Bette Midler & Sleepy Hallow w/ Johnny Depp & Christina Ricci. It was shot in Mahwah, NJ in an old seminary. Plot was there was a fire in a school that had been an art institute. The fire was caused by the fact the students were using negative energy to create their art. We were the 1st class coming back after the fire. We too, I believe struggle not to use or be consumed by the same forces the previous class had been overcome by. It was a psychological horror flick. I was behind one of the main characters in the scene where we are unpacking our cars & going to the school for the 1st time. I am wearing an over sized light pink jacket w/ turquoise pants, pink pearls (they loved what I wore to the set & didn’t make me change) & huge hair they nearly plastered w/ hairspray- it was windy that day & the scene had to be done several times because i kept crunching on nuts the trees had dropped. I look ridiculous because they wanted me to carry a huge box by a string w/ 1 hand- I was carrying an empty box , I guess I was supposed to be carrying possibly 2 down pillows. I got to eat w/ the crew & actors what craft services provided. An apple sandwich & a lg cookie. I was so excited on this B movie set I could barely eat. I took off from a school day & took my 1st train there. My Dad( a 6th grade teacher) said that I would probably learn there than I could in school. He saw a private screening of the movie w/ Declan in his hm. We all worked together at a restaurant called the Rusty Nail – steak & seafood joint- before “Dec(k)” made it “big” – I even had Thanksgiving w/ him at his house once. Dec made it “big time” because the Middletown Record newspaper, had him as a cover story for Dark Half. The paper was my hometown news in NY. My Dad had been in a scene where he wore a tuxedo & his girlfriend, at the time, & he were ballroom dancing in a 2 story high ceiling rm in the “school”. I never saw the movie, I have been looking for it for 20+ yrs.! There are at least 3-5 movies w/ the same title, making it all very impossible. It may have been released in ’88, I will look at this link later.
    The true story about the seminary goes… a rich captain of a ship came to Mahwah to make a home w/ his Indian, pregnant wife. The town shunned this interracial couple & after being pushed out of several attempts to purchase or finance locations for their home the man finally acquired land that sat higher than any other area in Mahwah, almost to thumb his nose at all the mean townies. Many dollars were spent on the more than 3(in some parts) story mansion. His wife died in child birth & his son later fell down stairs in the place & it was never truly finished, all projects were abandoned aft each successive loss. A tragedy all around- hence a perfect location for a haunting movie. Not at all sure what became of the movie & I so wish to see it.

    • Thanks for the backstory. I seem to remember hearing the story about the family and the deaths. It certainly made the house that much creepier.
      Please let me know if you every come across the film. I’d really love to see it.

      • jenifer hawkins

        OH GREAT TY 4 getting back so fast – it was just dumb luck to even find this page again! I have heard of a Fright House, but nearly doubt it is the same 1. Just like negatives there is probably more than 1! I am so glad I could creep you out- the story was now worth all the detail I put into it. Now, this was just the mansion or near cathedral/moment(ous) monstrosity – of the original site the flick I now assume was the beginning of the film…so I hope it was all done there & just now some how it hit me why the title was so applicable – I was still stuck in the Negatives, lol.

  2. Glad you ended up getting more great info!

  3. may be the seminary original Negatives was set @ abadon & fright house who’da thunk it would turn out like this

  4. Awesome bblog you have here

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