Star Trek Continues – To Boldly Go, Part 2 – 2017

This was a really fun project!  It’s a fan made Star Trek series that is actually AMAZINGLY well done.  Very hi quality production value that included several actors from TOS and TNG along with my former ILM co-worker and Mythbuster, Grant Imahara as Mr. Sulu.  I can’t remember exactly how I got involved but I think someone at work mentioned it to me and asked if I wanted to help out.  How could I say No?? I was tasked to recreate an effect from TOS Episode 3 “Where No Man Has Gone Before” where people get zapped with electricity and turn sort of a mauve color.  I was determined to make it match the original show as much as possible and insisted on hand drawing the roto mattes for every frame.  No Splines, no computer generated in-betweens.  100% old school.

I also composited a dozen or so shots of people with glowing eyes and electrical effects. Here’s a clip from the show with all three of the effects I worked on.

If you’re a fan of TOS, its defiantly worth checking out.

  1. Nobody loves TOS more than I do. Kudos.

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